Sunny’s System Development Business

Let us introduce our system development business.

We provide solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers leveraging the experiences that we have gained and accumulated over the past 12 years since the establishment in Thailand.

In addition to the systems development, we also offer consulting services regarding of IT so that please contact to us if you don’t know where to begin with. We will act like being your CIO and consider the IT strategy together.

We also offer maintenance and operations services after the system has been implemented, so we would be happy if you could consider us in addition to the systems development.

Application Development for Business


1. Production Management System

Thailand is one of the countries where many Japanese oriented manufacturing companies, especially automobile manufacturers, have advanced. Sunny System supports such manufacturing companies from the perspective of IT. In addition to parts management and production planning, we offer a comprehensive application system that provides total support for manufacturing operations, including the supply chain from order receipt to shipment.

We provide “tailor-made application systems” to meet your budget and requirements, if you find that commercial package systems are too expensive or do not match your business processes. We have a lot of experience in JAVA and .NET and C# development.

2. Sales Management System

Along with the production management system for the manufacturing industry, our sales management system has also been well received. We have created the application UI/UX with an emphasis on ease of use, such as displaying product information in a list, and selecting a target from the list to see the product details. In addition to product sales status, the systems can also include analysis functions such as sales by product and sales by customer. We also have a lot of experience in JAVA and .NET and C# production.

The data at the time of Quotation creation can be consistently used for entering purchase orders (POs) from customers, issuing POs to suppliers, issuing Invoices after delivery, and issuing Tax Invoices and Receipts. This not only improves working productivity by eliminating the need to re-enter the same data, but also prevents human input errors. It is also compatible with dot printers, so you can print on Invoice paper using carbon paper, reducing the number of times you have to sign.

3. Attendance and Human Resources management system

Customers who are using our production management systems or sales management systems sometimes request us to make their internal administrative application systems such as attendance and human resources management. We cope with such that managing employees information, recording attendance and paid leaves, and other applications and approvals, to creating monthly attendance reports, and even recording employee evaluations, according to the customer’s requirement.

Offshore development


We offer application development services not only to the companies in Thailand but also to those in Japan (off-shore development). Our Japanese developers who are well skilled and experienced will be a liaison between Thailand and Japan. They will fulfill their duty by gathering requirements from clients in Japan and cooperating with developer teams in Thailand. We can flexibly adapt to your requests such as project based or term based development in accordance with the type of the project.

Major development cases

Field of industryProject NameContents
Japanese auto parts manufacturerSales Inventory / Production Management SystemSales management system with a focus on inventory management
-Creation of sales data, inventory data, and production data
-Erase function for production data
-Preparation of various reports
-Management of instruments/tool information
Japanese auto parts manufacturerCost management systemKeeps/calculates the cost and price of each parts
-Calculate cost basis by user entered material, scrap and exchange rate
-Calculate selling price base with user entered material, scrap and exchange rate
-Produce cost/price reports for profit
-Management of instruments/tool information
Japanese auto parts manufacturer Personnel attendance and evaluation system Manage employee attendance and evaluation
-Integrates with external time card systems
-Manage attendance
-Personnel evaluation function for each employee
Japanese auto parts manufacturer Business Outsourcing Management System Management of outsourced tasks
- Creation of purchase orders and work instructions for outsourced factory operations
- Create reports
Japanese auto parts manufacturer Traceability system QR labels are scanned at each process line in the factory to track the flow of products.
-QR labels are scanned using a PDA handy terminal.
-Collected data is analyzed on PC screen.

Japanese car dealer training company Dealer Training Management System Management of dealer information, e-learning, and test results
- Create a database of personnel information, work history, and training history
- Management of staff information, training information, and work information
- Skill contest history

Japanese electronics manufacturer Poka-yoke (mistake-proofing) System Checking part numbers to avoid human error
- Checking the part number by scanning the QR code with a PDA
- Report of work summary
Japanese compressor manufacturer Project management system Project, machine and customer management system
- Registration and analysis of sales projects
- Storage of service history for each customer machine

Japanese food manufacturer R&D Recipe Management System R&D recipe management system for food and food ingredients
-Raw material formulation management using R&D recipes
-Approval process
-Cost calculation for the process of manufacturing new products using raw materials
-Master data management

Japanese rental Company Customer Sales Management System Manage customer contract information and payment information
-Manage customer, contract and payment data
-Manage the schedule of rental machines
-Analyze sales performance of each staff.
-Tabulation function for management strategy, such as displaying graphs of popular rental machines and performance by region

Japanese MCO(Multi Channel Operator) Customer Management System Manage customer contract information and payment information
-Enter customer, contract and payment data
-View monthly uncollected charge customer data
-Manage master data
Japanese photography Studio Photo Sales Site EC site for commercial photo sales in Thailand
- Uploading photos by photographers, purchasing by end users
- Statistical analysis of sales history