Sunny’s IT infrastructure Business

Let us introduce our IT infrastructure business.

If you are considering to set up a new office or factory in Thailand, or to move your office or factory, please let us help organize your IT infrastructure environment.

We provide total supports such as installation and configuration of IT equipment. Please let our well-experienced engineers do the jobs such as LAN cabling, WiFi spots installation and configuration.

IT Equipment and Software


Sunny System sells hardware such as PCs, servers, network equipments, and CCTV (surveillance cameras) as well as many softwares such as anti-virus software and backup software.

Servers installation and network configuration


We provide services such as the installation and initial setting ups of the servers in order to have your business apllicatioin systems work. Let us do the troublesome cablings. Let us do the configuration of networks as well. Our well-experienced engineers will configure your company-LAN, install and set up WiFi, etc.

Maintenance Service


We propose IT maintenance services that are suitable for your company. The basic contents and fee of our IT maintenance services are as follows

Plan Detail

Initial visit and internal IT environment survey

We propose IT maintenance services that are suitable for your company’s size. The basic contents and fee plans of our IT maintenance services are as follows

Regular visits and maintenance

We will visit your company according to the selected plan and provide maintenance.

Remote (Telephone and e-mail) Support

We will provide to support our client via phone or email to troubleshoot the problems and/or answer your any question.

Urgent Support

In case of an emergency, such as a problem that can not be solved over the phone or an urgent problem, we will immediately visit your company to solve the problem.

Maintenance Service Plan

Price(Monthly)Regular visitEmergency Visit Support
(Up to 3 hours per visit)
Plan S
1 Server
Up to 60 PCs
25,000 THBTwice a week (half day)Additional 2,000 THB
Plan A
1 Server
Up to 20 PCs
10,000 THBMonthlyAdditional 2,000 THB
Plan B
1 Server
Up to 20 PCs
6,500 THBEvery 3 monthsAdditional 2,500 THB
Plan C
Server None
Up to 20 PCs
3,000 THB1st time onlyAdditional 3,000 THB
Plan D
Server None
Up to 5 PCs
1,500 THB1st time onlyAdditional 3,000 THB

* If the number of PCs/servers exceeds the above, we will estimate the price indivisually.
* If your office is located in Bangkok , no charge for transportation. If your office is not located in Bangkok, we will charge transportation fee that cost us for the visit.
* Please note that the prices are subject to change without any notice.