Why Sunny System is your solution?

  We are Japanese software house in Bangkok, established in September 2009. Developing business software for Japanese companies in Thailand as a core, we have been expanding our business to various fields, like developing various applications as customers’ order, selling COTS software for small and medium-sized enterprises, selling of IT devices, and server maintenance service.

Incidentally, as Japan has been facing with shortage of software engineers, it became our big opportunity to received offshore software development work from Japan. We started this business from 2013 which it eventually become one of the pillars of our business. From our accumulated experience and knowledge, our development team, which consists of management from our Japanese software engineer, together with system integrator from our big company partner, will not only able to give our customers a cost advantage but also able to provide them with the high quality services.

From now on, we aim not only to support the IT fields serving customers only in Thailand but also to expand our service to customers in all neighboring countries of Thailand.

Please kindly continue to give us a favor and support onwards.

April, 2015
Hiroshi Ohinata
Managing Director

Sunny News

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  2020/03/30   We start to support telework by Yamaha router.  
  2018/01/25   Sunny system start recruiting for Japanese system engineer. Advance to have experience to analyze/develop business application.  
  2018/01/24   For expand company business, office is moved.  
  2017/03/30   Our company has been introduced on 「THAI GOOD COMPANY 100」 website. (Japanese)  
  2017/02/20   New Maintenance Service Plan (Plan D) started  
  2016/11/01   Computer Sales and Repair "Sunny Shop" moved from Fuji Super 2  
  2015/05/25   Attended THAI GOOD COMPANY 100's ceremonial party.  
  2015/05/19   Sunny Shop introduction page has been added to the website.  
  2015/01/15   Our computer repair shop "Sunny Shop" is now opened at second floor of Fuji Super 2.  
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